Helping Attorneys Help Clients

By Rachel Elsberry, Communications Director at Justice for Me

Dominic J. Negron specializes in family and elder law in San Antonio.  Before Justice for Me, when potential clients could not find funds to pay for his legal services up front, he simply could not take them on as clients.  This meant the client didn’t get much-needed legal help and Negron lost business, making it a loss for both the attorney and the client.  Since joining the network, Justice for Me has allowed Negron to take on those clients with financial obstacles to affording legal help.

Dominic J. Negron

“It’s helped us recapture a lot of income that would have otherwise gone to the wind.” Said Dominic J. Negron, attorney. Negron’s client base and income have jumped almost 50 percent since he joined Justice for Me, turning it into a win for both the lawyer and the client.

“I’ve had clients cry out of relief when they learn what Justice for Me can do for them.” Said Negron. “These are clients with difficult legal problems and no other way to afford legal services.  It’s the first speck of hope many of them have seen in a long time.”

40-year-old Laura Vargas is one of those clients who found hope in Justice for Me. She needed to hire an attorney to help her get a better custody and child support situation for her 21-month old son, but she didn’t have the $3500.00 needed to put down as a retainer.

Laura Vargas and her son

Through Justice for Me, using a co-applicant, Vargas was able to finance her legal arrangement with Negron. She now makes a payment of $210.32 per month, a much more doable situation for her than coming up with a large chunk of cash.  

“I don’t know what I would have done without Justice for Me.” Said Vargas. “I’d probably have had to work cleaning hotel rooms, which would mean more time away from my son and paying for childcare. Justice for Me has given me relief and something I can do because I just want what’s best for my son.”

Negron now keeps Justice for Me information at the main desk of his office so clients have access to it when they walk in the door.

“There really isn’t any other service out there like Justice for Me.” Said Negron.

Negron gets paid directly through Justice for Me, minus a 15-percent service fee, he doesn’t have to worry about collections, credit hassles or risk. He just focuses on Vargas, her son and getting the best outcome in her case.

Even better, if clients like Vargas make on time payments and pay off the cost of the legal engagement in 12 months or less, the interest paid will be returned back to the client, making the loan interest free.

There is no charge to attorneys to join the Justice for Me network.  Attorneys set their own rates and there are no quotas nor commitments.